Voice Studio

Private Sessions

Basic Information

The studio works on an actual semester schedule consisting of 19 lessons. There will be sixteen private lessons and three group classes. I charge for 18 lessons with an extra lesson in case you have to miss one. If you attend all, you receive one free lesson!

Studio Class Dates (group class)

All classes will be on Sunday afternoons

Schedule TBA


Family members are welcomed to attend your lessons. Please do not bring friends with you to your lessons. Everyone is welcomed, however, in all of our studio classes.

Remember that a recording and a mirror can be an extra lesson for you during the week. Please record your lessons if you would like and use your keyboards and mirrors at home.

I cannot make up missed lessons because of my schedule so pick your lesson time very carefully. If you would like to switch with another student on your own that is fine with me. You will receive a complete schedule for the entire semester. An updated phone and email list will be given to you at our first lesson.

Please contact your fellow students in ample time if you would like to switch lesson times. I can also possibly reschedule another student if I know you are not coming so I appreciate knowing ahead of time.

There are many different levels of singers and we can learn from everyone. Families and spouses are invited to attend if they would like. The final class in December will be a more formal recital. Feel free to invite friends to this last recital. The end of the semester and the coming of the Holidays can be very busy so be sure to mark these dates!

Image Gallery

Holiday Concert 2022
First place at the State Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico conference in Clovis November 2022 - Kailley, Ellie and Bonnie in Voice Levels 1, 3 and 4
Teachers Development Seminar with Renee Fleming, July 2022
Spring Recital Finale
Avery Ross in a Master Class with Martha Dalager.  Avery is the Southwest Division First place Winner 2023.  She sings at the National Convention in March 2023!
Talia Czuchlewski - National First place with in Senior Voice MTNA
Music Teachers National Association 2022!  
“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.”

- Maya Angelou